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15 Best Same-Day Pay Jobs for Extra Cash (Get Paid Now)

Same day, same pay? You bet! We've listed 15 jobs that can help you earn extra cash instantly. Don’t wait for payday – these job options are all about instant gratification.

Every Halloween This One-Legged Guy Makes An Epic Costume

Paralympian. Motivational speaker. Comedian. Author. Academic. Lamp! Wait, what?

4 Super Long Lasting Dog Treats Recipes – PatchPuppy.com

The preservatives in commercial dog treats can be harmful to your dog. Try making these homemade super long lasting dog treats instead.

Baby Kale Breakfast Salad with Quinoa & Strawberries

Fruit, whole grains and greens for breakfast? Yes! Start your day off right with this breakfast salad recipe and you'll knock out half of your daily veggie quota with the first meal of the day.

Distance will never seem so right.

Cory and Topanga have scarred you for life and you don't even know it.

50 Random Facts List #19 – Fact Republic

1. Jetlag from traveling west is associated with depression, while jetlag from traveling east is associated with mania.

10 Times Niles From “The Nanny” Threw The Best Shade

Ugh yes, Niles, the true spirit animal. Poor C.C., she never knew what hit her.

22 Things to Know Before You Travel to Turkey

Merhaba, fellow travelers! If you’re planning to visit the beautiful country of Turkey, here are some important travel tips and advice on the top things to know before going to…

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