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17 People Who Failed Hard For Our Entertainment

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Decorating Ideas For Book Lovers

From rustic charmers to brick beauties.

The Fastest Way To Get Back Into Ketosis After the Holidays – Fit Mom Journey

Here's the fastest way to get back into ketosis after the holidays, a cheat day, or just plain falling off the wagon! If you are struggling to get back into ketosis, these tips will help you....

Painting a Frozen-Inspired, Rosemaling Wardrobe

The idea of painting Miss Nerd’s built-in wardrobe to make it look like a Frozen-inspired cupboard had been lurking in my head for a while. So when Dulux approached me earlier this year to see if I’d be keen to work with them to create some social media content to help showcase their Dulux Colour Forecast 2022, I was keen. I always love working with Dulux and had worked with

How to Grow Pomegranates Indoors

Pomegranates are classified as fruit-bearing shrubs or small trees and are part of the Lythraceae family. These trees grow anywhere from 15-32 feet (5-10 meters) in height and grow from September to February in the Northern hemisphere and from March to May in the Southern hemisphere. If you think you can't grow pomegranates because of the climate you live in though, think again! It is actually possible to grow pomegranates indoors! Keep reading to find out how to grow pomegranates indoors! How to Grow Pomegranates Indoors - A DIY Gardening Guide Because regular pomegranate trees can get quite tall, they

The Best Crusty Paleo French Bread (OMG this is good!)

One of my favorite things about living the paleo lifestyle is finding creative ways to add a modern paleo twist to some classic recipes. Take this recipe for crusty French bread for example. It’s made to be 100% paleo-friendly, meaning it’s completely gluten and dairy-free. Texture-wise, you won't be disappointed because of the dry active yeast. Quite a few people assume that yeast is not paleo-friendly (I used to be one of them as well). Rest assured that it is indeed appropriate for all paleo dieters out there.

10 Towns And Best Cities In Scotland To Visit

Scotland has it all, especially with all the towns and best cities in Scotland to visit. You see, Scotland is a proper diverse country, with some - 10 Towns And Best Cities In Scotland To Visit - Travel, Travel Inspiration - Europe, Scotland, United Kingdom - Travel, Food and Home Inspiration Blog with door-to-door Travel Planner! - Travel Advice, Travel Inspiration, Home Inspiration, Food Inspiration, Recipes, Photography

40 Programs You Didn’t Know the Military Offered. Did Someone Say Money?

People in the military community might be surprised when they find out all of the services that the military offers. These services and programs are available on different installations worldwide. and can be a great perk to military life.

A Had-to-Stay Post in This Playful Kitchen Made Way for Cool Curved Spice Storage

In Bri Emery's New York kitchen, designer Heather Phillips Spaulding of Sunday Supper Club went bold with stripes and a fresh cabinet color.

24 Dazzling Bob Haircuts (That Will Make You Chop Off Your Hair)

It's the year of bob haircuts, but with so many variations, it's crucial to find the perfect style. Here are some of the sexiest bobs around...

Oregano Oil Improves Mood and Focus

Looking for a natural herbal remedy for anxiety and depression? Oregano oil could be worth a try... Did you know that taking oregano oil can help improve your mental health and potentially alleviate anxiety and depression? Studies show that oregano extracts can help alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety in human

Unloved Children Struggle With These 7 Things As Adults

If children aren't given a loving environment to thrive, they will struggle with these 7 things throughout their life.

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