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Throughout my decluttering experience, I have found 7 things not to do when decluttering. These 7 things are easy to avoid and will help...

The Philippines: 10 Day Island Hopping Adventure

Discover the most beautiful islands, beaches, and waterfalls in the Philippines! Including the best things to do on Cebu, El Nido, and Coron.

That Girl: Season 2 (dvd), Y

Details Coming Soon

Why You Should Have a Homestead Business Plan and the 7 Easy Steps

Do you want to make a profit from your homestead? Then you need to start with a plan. A homestead business plan is not just to apply for finance, but helps you to capture all your thoughts on paper, and iron out kinks in advance. Our 7 Easy Steps will help you create it!

Cozy Reading Nook

Although some people claim that they can read anywhere, anytime, we all know that a comfortable, well lit, soft spot is ideal. On a blanket in a park is one such perfect spot; on dry, spongy moss, under a tree, is another good location. But what happens if you're a city dweller (or not even!), and outdoor reading spots are at a premium?

How To Hit The Reset Button On Your Life (Wellness Wheel Exercise) – The Blissful Mind

Need to hit the reset button on your life? Here's a simple method to help you feel more rejuvenated when life gets overwhelming or unexciting!

What Are the Symptoms of a Vitamin D Deficiency?

Vitamin D deficiency is easily overlooked, simply because many of the symptoms are commonplace. Yet, if you consider them collectively, the various symptoms can provide considerable information about whether you may be vitamin D deficient.

25 Old-Fashioned Recipes Your Grandma Knew By Heart

See how to make 25 Old-Fashioned Recipes Your Grandma Knew by Heart including biscuits, pie crust, fried apples and more!

Klubb Recipe – Norwegian Potato Dumplings

These Norwegian Klubb Dumplings are so tasty, filling, and a great way to celebrate Scandinavia. Whether it is a holiday tradition or a weeknight meal, these dumplings are worth the effort.

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