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Cora – Ragdoll Kitten of the Month – Floppycats™

At the beginning of the year, I began looking into getting a kitten. My family and I have two dogs, but my heart was missing the love of a cat.

What Can We Drink on a Meat-Based Diet?

WHAT TO DRINK… 💧The ideal drink on carnivore is water. 🧂If you consider minerals, unrefined salt or sole water (soaked overnight) is ideal. 💡Adding some iodine in the mornings is also ideal....

59 Icy Platinum Blonde Hair Color Shades

Find 59 examples of platinum blonde hair color ideas to rock, with different kinds of shades, cuts, and styles!

Stained Glass Isn’t Just Found in Churches Anymore

Stained glass is having a moment, and these spaces show how to do it right.

‘Sarah Bernhardt’ Peony

Description A classic cut flower Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit Celebrating 100 years of gracing sunny gardens and elegant vases, 'Sarah Bernhardt' Peony is one of the classic Peonies that helped make this perennial a favorite from the foundation planting to the patio, the border to the vase. Gigantic 7- to 9-inch double blooms of luscious pink (occasionally flecked with raspberry) release an unforgettable fragrance, and the sun-loving plant is as easy to grow as a weed. 'Sarah Bernhardt' Peony begins flowering in early summer and continues for several weeks. This plant reaches 3 feet tall, a nice…

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53 Gorgeous Short Haircuts for Women Over 60 in 2023

Short haircuts for women over 60 showcased in stylish pictures await your click! Discover how these hairdos can lend a youthful essence to your look here!

Strawberry Granny Square – Free Crochet Pattern + Video Tutorial

Learn how to crochet a super cute and sweet Strawberry Granny Square with this free crochet pattern and step-by-step video tutorial!

18 Tips to Get Rid of Dark Circles and Eye Bags – Sleep Advisor

Feel like you get panda eyes whenever you wake up? Our sleep experts give you some recommendations and tips on how to make them better.

Natural Yule Decor For Your Home

This time of year brings about imagery of twinkling lights and tall trees covered in brightly colored baubles. You can, however, decorate your home entirely from items found in your own backyard.

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