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House of Plantagenet | History, Kings, & Facts

House of Plantagenet, royal house of England, which reigned from 1154 to 1485 and provided 14 kings, 6 of whom belonged to the cadet houses of Lancaster and York. The royal line descended from the union between Geoffrey, count of Anjou (died 1151), and the empress Matilda, daughter of the English king Henry I.

How To Spend Your Day in Retirement: Step-by-Step Guide

Are you retired and probably wondering how to spend a day in retirement? And perhaps, with the endless free time on your hands, you also…

This is the old-school hoagie recipe you’ve been searching for

Build yourself an Italian hoagie that Tony Soprano woulda been proud of.

Declutter Your Home in 30 Days

Does the clutter in your home fill you with stress and anxiety? Try this 30 Day Home Decluttering Challenge to help you eliminate the mess and the stress.

Ongles – 14 tendances et couleurs les plus populaires cette année

La mode c’est aussi une question d’ongle. Découvrez 10 styles d’ongles les plus populaires en 2023

100 Unique and Creative Travel Words with Beautiful Meanings

Are you looking for a perfect word to define your travel experience? Here's a list of creative travel words for your rescue...

How to Knit the Bamboo Stitch Pattern

This beautiful Bamboo Stitch Knitting Pattern is a personal favorite. With a simple 2-Row Repeat, we create these really pretty rows that look like stalks of bamboo.

Easy Vegan Eggnog Recipe – Running on Real Food

This delicious, creamy eggnog is the perfect way to enjoy your favourite holiday drink without the need for loads of sugar, eggs and dairy. Enjoy this recipe on its own, over ice or mixed with rum or bourbon.

5 Cute Korean Outfits You Must Have In Your Wardrobe

It is always good to switch up what you wear on a day-to-day basis. These cute Korean outfits are perfect for your wardrobe, so let's check them out.

How a Life Planner Can Fix Your Life » Lady Decluttered

Life planners can help declutter your mind. I'm not just talking just a to-do list and a calendar, I am talking about an Ultimate Life Planner...

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