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Chill Las Vegas Travel Diary

Las Vegas travel diaries from my March 2024 trip!

5 DIY Scented Vinegar Cleaners — Compost and Cava

It's pollen season in Charleston, so LET THE SPRING CLEANING BEGIN! I've recently switched to DIY vinegar cleaners for my home, and have been playing around with various scent infusions. Plus, you can't even call yourself an eco-blogger unless you post about vinegar cleaner. It's a thing

The Lost Journals of Sacajewea – Hardcover

From the award-winning author of Perma Red comes a devastatingly beautiful novel that challenges prevailing historical narratives of Sacajewea."In my seventh winter, when my head only reached my Appe's rib, a White Man came into camp. Bare trees scratched sky. Cold was endless. He moved through trees like strikes of sunlight. My Bia said he came with bad intentions, like a Water Baby's cry."Among the most memorialized women in American history, Sacajewea served as interpreter and guide for Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery. In this visionary novel, acclaimed Indigenous author Debra Magpie Earling brings this mythologized figure vividly to…

Facial Massage for Sinuses

When your kids (or you) are in need of sinus congestion relief, it can feel like an emergency. Today we have several methods of at home remedies for

How To Make Orange Kefir Soda Pop

Orange Kefir Soda Pop. Inspired by nature, good health and bubbles! This recipe is so simple, only needs two ingredients and is kid approved.

Highest-Rated Feel-Good Fiction Books Of 2023

Hilarious & atmospheric new feel-good books. Immersive fiction reads that feel like hugs in book forms & will surely put you in a good mood.

Mod Heirloom Crochet Blanket Pattern

Finally! This is the blanket that I started back in April, and finally finished about a month ago. Did I mention that I'm slooooooow when it comes to making blankets? It also took me more time than usual to edit the pattern since there are color changes and a couple of different stitches involved. This blanket

Perimenopause And Fatigue | The Adrenal Fatigue Connection – Quit Chronic Fatigue

The Hormone Roller Coaster My first experience with fatigue issues was during perimenopause. And in the years since then I noticed how friends and

Decorating Ideas For Book Lovers

From rustic charmers to brick beauties.

Simply Stacie

Creamy, smooth and fresh. This beautiful DIY soap leaves skin feeling so soft and makes a lovely homemade gift.

13 Hilarious 90s Memes for 90s Kids Raising Kids – With Love, Becca

Inside: 90s memes that will have you laughing out loud as a parent. Every generation has its own nostalgic feelings for the days gone by. 90's kids are certainly no exception. And now that we are 90's kids raising our own kids, we are eager to bring back the pop culture of our youth to

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