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Girls Getaway of the Week: Magical Rock Formations in the Serene Canyons of Utah

Whether you and the ladies are celebrating a bachelorette party, reunion or just getting in some girl time, Amangiri in Utah is one of those nature-loving resorts that’s all about the treat yo’ self vibe.

History Daily

What is it about haunting photos from the past that makes them so impossible to forget? Is it their dreamlike quality?

5 Warning Traits Of Children Of Narcissistic Parents

Let's explore the five common traits of children of narcissistic parents often exhibit and discuss how to address these patterns in your own life.

What I Keep in My Commonplace Book – Read-Aloud Revival ® with Sarah Mackenzie

I've mentioned my beloved Commonplace Book many times- I love that thing. I think I could lose my wallet and be less stressed than if I lost my Commonplace. I don't do it in any wonderful way- it's just a place where I collect notes and thoughts and quotes and such. Commonplace books aren't anything

The Best Vegan Blueberry Lemon Muffins

A mashup of everyone's favorite muffin flavors, these Vegan Blueberry Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins are such a delicious treat! Made with wholesome ingredients like coconut yogurt, almond meal, and bananas and packed with lots of bright, zingy flavor.

How to Identify Valuable Vintage Finds at Thrift Stores

Learn how to identify valuable vintage finds at thrift stores with our comprehensive guide. Discover the art of recognizing quality, rarity, and signature brands. Harness the power of eBay and Google Lens for accurate identification and valuation.

11 Best FAIRYTALE-LIKE Places to Visit in Germany for First-Timers

Germany is full of moody hikes, and must-see fairytale views. Read about places to visit in Germany for your bucket list!

10 Signs Of Zinc Deficiency | Butter Nutrition

Could you have a zinc deficiency? The following signs of zinc deficiency are clues that you’re just not getting enough: Stretch marks Decreased immune response Increased susceptibility to viral infections Diabetes Loss of appetite Hair loss Skin problems (acne, eczema, etc.) White spots on the nails Slow wound healing Anorexia Nervosa When zinc deficiency occurs due to...Read More

How to Release Anger & Resentment – Girl Who Travels the World

In a time when emotional intelligence is more important than ever, this post dives right in & finds two highly effective techniques on how to release anger.

What is Microsavings and Why You Should Start

The best microsavings apps help making saving possible -- even fun! -- on the tightest of budgets. Compare the best microsavings apps features and costs.

Homemade Goat Milk Lotion

Nourishing, simple, homemade lotion recipe using raw goat milk and essential oils.

A New Shag Cut Is Taking Over

The New Shag has us reeling with options. If you feel adventurous on your next salon visit, discover the many ways to style a modern shag haircut.

17 Free Christmas Gifts Ideas – AppleGreen Cottage

The best free patterns to make beautiful diy Christmas gifts. Grab these top 17 ideas for free Christmas gifts here.

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