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Lavender Shortbread Lemon Bars

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20 amazing reasons to keep silica gel packets – To Be The Perfect Mother

If you buy a new bag and find the silica gel packets inside it, don't throw it away because there are 21 amazing reasons to keep it. One of the best ways to save the planet is to reduce waste. If you and I and others reduce the production of waste, we will contribute to

DIY Holly Leaf Bow Tie | Christmas Crafts for Men | The Crafty Gentleman

Learn how to make a novelty Holly Leaf Bow Tie from felt. Perfect for the Christmas party! Easy to follow tutorial, with clear photo instructions and tips.

Watermelon Mint Mojito Mocktail

Refresh your summer with the Watermelon Mint Mojito Mocktail recipe from Soda Sense. Perfect for any occasion, this mocktail blends fresh watermelon, mint, and lime for a delightful, fizzy drink.

Oriental Poppy

Poppy flowers are the August birth month flower. My Mom and first born son are both August birthdays, so this one is a special one! I wanted this color to represent the variations of Poppies.  Processing Time: Please see the Dyed-to-Order or the FAQ pages for current processing times.  Color variations: Due to monitor differences, actual colors may also vary from what is shown. All yarn is dyed by hand and each skein is unique. Please take into consideration the following:  - The "Rustic" bases can slightly change the color. Sometimes they lean more "rustic" than their brighter superwash bases and other times they dye…

221 English Smock

Children's 2-12; Misses 6-20; Men's 30-42 Smocks have been worn by rural laborers as protective overgarments for hundreds of years. The technique of hand-smocking evolved from the way many of these early garments were fitted, sized, and embellished.  English Smocks were most widely worn during the late 18th century. Shepherds donned the sturdy garments while traveling unpaved roads. Butchers, bakers, fishmongers, and farmers wore smocks for work, and many had "best" smocks (usually white) as well, for Sundays, special occasions, and to make a good impression at the annual Hiring Fairs. Today, smocks are favored by artists, craftspeople, and fashionable…

All About Light Academia Design Style – She Holds Dearly

Dark Academia is really having a moment in the spot light in current design circles, but if you feel like it's a bit too heavy, and well, dark for your liking... you're in luck, because today I'm talking all about Light Academia! *Feature photo credit: Katie Hyatt/@saintsignora After sharing more in-depth about Dark Academia style,

45 Absurd Pieces Of Advice From Baby Boomers Who Don’t Understand How The World Works Today

“Young people always think they know everything!” Well, sometimes older people do too. And while it’s nice to receive some sage wisdom from Grandma or Grandpa, times are constantly changing, and they don’t always realize what a different world young people live in today.

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