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Jenna Marbles Is the Most Wholesome Content Creator, and These Videos Prove It

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Here are 11 of Jenna Marbles’s best and most wholesome videos that she’s shared since joining YouTube in 2010.

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These Retro Candy Cane Cookies Are a Fun Family Baking Project

Candy cane cookies are twists of red and white cookie dough flavored with peppermint extract. They’re such a fun Christmas cookie recipe to make for the holidays, or whenever you want!

How To Fix A Hole In Any Piece Of Clothing Without Sewing

Don't worry! Your favorite shirt isn't ruined.

15 Verses for Parenting Adult Children

Some scriptures refer to what we pray for our children; others deal with how we are to live alongside our new grown-ups, who look a little bit like us.

The Sketchbook

Getting this in just under the wire! Carry On turns 3 years old today, and to celebrate the book and it’s wonderful writer, @rainbowrowell, here is the winner of the poll: Baz makes his entrance. :)

4 Shampoo Bar Recipes for All Hair Types – Simple Life Mom

Learn how to make a shampoo bar for all hair types using herbs and different nourishing oils to balance oils, and condition. Natural cold process shampoo bars.

Homemade Conditioner For Natural Hair – Freebie Finding Mom

This 4-ingredient homemade conditioner for natural hair recipe will give you luxurious locks and for much less than store bought products!

Creamy Leek and Pancetta Pappardelle Pasta

This creamy leek and pancetta pappardelle pasta is elegant and impressive, yet could not be easier to throw together! The stars of this pasta recipe are the crispy pancetta pieces, sautéed leeks, fresh thyme, and parmigiana reggiano cheese. An indulgent and comforting recipe for all occasions!

Spring Vegetable Quiche (With Lots of Bacon and Cheese)

A vegetable quiche for Sunday brunch is a mild to moderate challenge for the average home cook—memorable quiche, on the other hand, is a prize not easily won.

Guatemala itinerary 7 days: destinations, and tips for your trip!

Guatemala is a country, you can explore for weeks. But what if you only have one week in Guatemala? What should you include in your trip? This is my Guatemala itinerary for 7 days, with some amazing highlights, tips and information about traveling time and transportation. Including a special section if you are coming or continuing your journey to Mexico.

My Fall’20 Edit

I'm starting a new series where I pull an edit together at the beginning of each season.I'm ready for a complete refresh and a place to organize all of my recent saves. So to kick things off, here is my fall edit.

Bang Bang Shrimp Tacos with Pineapple Coleslaw

Make this crunchy Bang Bang Shrimp Tacos recipe in just minutes!  Full of heat, this recipe is ideal and even better when topped with a crispy Pineapple coleslaw and creamy guacamole!

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