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Fatty Liver Causes and The First Step to Take.

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All About Bohemian Design Style

Today we're going to take a "101" style look at the Bohemian Design Style! Feature Photo Credit: @saskiatabea A few weeks ago I shared all about the new cottagecore design style and it was a big hit! I think that specific style, despite the different names people have called it over the years is a

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Fall Aesthetic Outfit

Fall is around the corner! As a fall aesthetic girl who goes crazy for pumpkin spice and cozy sweaters, this is my ultimate autumn aesthetic guide to get ready to fall.

50 Women Who Called Out Sexist Things That Are Still Blatantly Accepted (New Pics)

We have come a long way since the dark times of first-wave feminism when for a whole 70 years, women fought for their right to vote. During second-wave feminism, a fight began for a wider range of issues, from the workplace to de facto inequalities, family and many more.

The Slow Declutter: A No-Mess Method to Declutter Your Home

Too much stuff stress means it’s time to declutter your home. This slow declutter method is the solution to how to declutter without making a bigger mess.

35+ Amazingly creative and stylish farmhouse kitchen ideas

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How to Knit Like the Vikings – The Brooklyn Refinery – DIY, Arts and Crafts

Have you ever wondered what Vikings wore to help them survive long, cold winters? Their fabric-making technique, Nalbinding, pre-dates knitting, and creates dense and warm items which don't unravel the way knitted items do.

Golden Milk (Turmeric Milk) – SueBee Homemaker

Anti-Inflammatory Golden Milk is an important recipe for anyone fighting sickness or injury. The Turmeric is the vital component of this drink, and the combination of ingredients tastes really good!

Old Fashioned Goulash!

These chocolate peanut butter no bake cookies extra chewy, filled with texture and have a delicious chocolate peanut butter flavor. You only need a few simple ingredients to make these highly addictive treats!

Village Genealogy Books: Find Centuries of Ancestors!

If you have German ancestry, village genealogy books are an essential resource for extending your family history. Learn where to find these records now!

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