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Fashion A to Z: L for Leggings – Savvy Southern Chic

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Over 40 fashion blogger Savvy Southern Chic explores the history of leggings and shows you nine ways to style black leggings.

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photographer richard avedon :: TIG | Digital Publication

HIS WORK WAS CANDID, spontaneous and beautifully kinetic. Richard Avedon poured his own energy into photographs, creating heightened and whimsical moments. Penelope Tree and Jean Shrimpton, in Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, were seen leaping, twirling and kicking in midair, bringing a childlike sense to the magazines, and creating new, ingenuous versions of the glamorous . . . His portraits however, were vastly different from his fashion photography, since they depicted his subjects — whether John F. Kennedy and Jackie O, […]

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