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Easy Prime Rib Roast

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4 Morning Habits of the Longest-Living People in the World

For lessons on longevity, you'd be remiss not to at least consider the morning habits of people from the Blue Zones (Ikaria, Greece; Loma Linda, California; Sardinia, Italy; Okinawa, Japan; and Nicoya, Costa Rica), where residents regularly live to see their 100th birthdays.

How to Make Nettle Beer Recipe | Homestead Honey

Tangy and mineral rich, this wild harvested and fermented nettle beer recipe is a delicious drink, reminiscent of hard cider, and easy to make at home!

You Will Never Understand The Damage You Did To Someone – Karma Quotes

You Will Never Understand The Damage You Did To Someone. Karma Quotes, Spiritual Quotes, quotes about karma, hurt karma quotes, karma quotes about life.

Bourbon Cranberry Old Fashioned

This cinnamon spiced cranberry old fashioned is a festive holiday cocktail made perfect by using bourbon soaked cranberries, orange bitters, and simple syrup.

Sugar-Glazed Ham

This old-fashioned ham glaze gives a pretty golden brown coating—just like Grandma used to make. The mustard and vinegar complement the brown sugar which adds a tangy flavor to this glazed ham recipe. Be prepared to serve seconds! —Carol Strong Battle, Heathville, Virginia


Hello friends! I had an unplanned little break from the blog last week. No excuse other than as much as I love doing this, sometimes I just need a total break from technology! My son turned 15 last Monday, so after his big family party over the weekend and a full day of celebration on Monday, I was feeling unmotivated to blog. I surely don't want to post something just for the sake of posting. I was a total slug last week after the parties were over, pretty much just feeding my family, driving the Mom taxi, and doing the…

What We’re Loving This Week: Lemon Wallpaper, an Affordable Light Fixture & More

Our editors share what they're obsessing over this week.

Crochet Sprouting Oddish

Free Pattern for the Sprouting Oddish! Perfect decoration if you don't want to be watering normal plants!

Raise Happy Kids with These Positive Parenting Hacks

As a parent, you can't always be there for your kids. However, you can do these 5 things to train your kid's brain for happiness.

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