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What’s New with Weight Watchers in 2024?

What’s new with the WW Plan for 2024 for weight loss? Read on to learn about app updates, meeting changes, weight loss medication options including GLP-1s, the ending of Weight Watchers foods, Oprah leavings the Weight Watchers company, and more. Oprah Announces She Is Leaving Weight Watchers On February 28, 2024, Oprah Winfrey announced thatContinue Reading

Best foods for Your ADHD Anxiety and Depression

Food plays a big part in how we feel. From the energy we have throughout the day to the intensity of the emotions we experience. Certain foods are good for your mental health; We'll call it Mood Food. Mood Food provides key vitamins and minerals that uplift and strengthen our mental fortitude. For some, it

Is this Extreme Frugal Living? – Six Figures Under

We don’t live out of a van. We don’t (usually) dumpster dive. We (very) occasionally pay full price for things. We buy disposable toilet paper (yes, there are very green people who use cloth, in case you didn’t know). That is why my husband scoffed at my blog’s original tagline: “Extreme Frugal Living to Match […]

Cake Decorating Ideas {Valentines Day Edition}

Easy Valentine's Day Cake decorating ideas! Any level baker can try these and be successful! (I love the last design best!)

Vegetarian Minestrone Soup

Loaded with tons of tender veggies, beans, and pasta, this hearty minestrone soup is packed full of flavor and also vegetarian-friendly!

DIY Anleitung – Fensterbank günstig mit Klötzchen verkleiden & verbreitern

DIY Anleitung - innen Fensterbank kostengünstig mit Holz Klötzchen verkleiden und verbreitern! Neue Fensterbank auf alte in wenigen Schritten!

The Donna Rosa | Anthony LeDonne Comedy

This is a riff on the Jasmine cocktail, and by "riff" I mean "I added an egg white and called it something completely different.

Top 24 Penelope Cruz Hairstyles & Haircuts Ideas For You To Try !

Penelope Cruz is a pretty charming actress with flawless skin and fine bone structure who is more stylish and her fashionable hairstyles and haircuts are loved by her fans.

The 26 Creepiest Documentaries From The Last 10 Years

From murderers, to true crime, to just plain creepy.

Herb Infused Oils – How to Make Herbal Oils with Dried Herbs

How to make herb infused oils with dried herbs. This tutorial is great for body and skin care products and herbal infused cooking oils.

21 Times Kirk Gleason From “Gilmore Girls” Was Too Much To Handle

“I don't know why everybody in this town always thinks I'm crazy.”

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