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Dry Brushing How To & Benefits of Dry Brushing Daily

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Here are 50 facts about dry brushing that will motivate you to take up this healthy habit! Dry brushing is an age-old beauty and health practice that has been practiced for centuries.

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Everywhere I look at lately is oozing with inspiration. A couple of weeks ago I introduced this new weekly series called 5 scroll stoppers; a small compilation of images I’ve found in the last week that completely stop me mid-scroll because of how stunning they are. You can read past week's scroll stoppers here. This week has a common theme of cozy spaces that inspire me. 1. This library/living room is full of inspiration. From the arched window to the abundance of books, it looks like the perfect backdrop for a Sunday afternoon. I love the use of space, using…

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neutral makeup 🤎

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Or what goes on in Obama’s head:

The dream is coming true.

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