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101 Screen-Free Activities to Do While In Quarantine

Science and sensory experiments, kid-friendly activities, and DIY projects.

What is a Wedding Content Creator and Should I Hire One?

Wedding content creators are the hot new supplier for social media-loving couples who want to capture their day but enjoy every moment!

Falling Petals Afghan Crochet pattern by Crochet Dreamz

A beautifully textured afghan for your home.

DIY Deep Sleep Ointment

Say goodbye to countless sleepless nights with our DIY Bedtime Balm with Lavender for Sleep. It's an all-natural remedy that combines the sleep-inducing benefits of lavender with the luxurious feel of a balm. Easy to prepare and fun to use, this DIY balm is a great way to add some sweet dreams to your bedtime routine.

A Big Batch of Monday Morning Randomness to Start the Week off Right!

Another weekend is sadly gone, and Monday is here to remind you of the less than pleasurable work and school routines. Don't let that get you down,...

50+ Non-Toy Gifts for Kids (Meaningful Gifts They’ll LOVE!) – Your Modern Family

The perfect gifts for kids! 50+ Meaningful NON-TOY Gifts that kids will LOVE & remember forever! Perfect for kids who seem to "have it all."

How to Make Rye Starter | Beets & Bones

Rye has been a staple in my native Russia ever since the beginning of the recorded history. The unpretentious little grain is extremely hardy and requires little to no human intervention as far as pest and drought control, and can withstand cold where other grains perish. That's the reason that little has been done to

Awesome Country Apple Fritter Bread

Fluffy, buttery, white cake loaf loaded with chunks of apples and layers of brown sugar and cinnamon swirled inside and on top. Simply Irresistible!

The Year of Living Virtuously

About The Year of Living Virtuously Benjamin Franklin was in his early twenties when he embarked on a “bold and arduous project of arriving at moral perfection,” intending to master the virtues of temperance, silence, order, resolution, frugality, industry, sincerity, justice, moderation, cleanliness, tranquility, chastity, and humility. He soon gave up on perfection but continued to believe that these virtues, coupled with a generous heart and a bemused acceptance of human frailty, laid the foundation for not only a good life but also a workable society. Writer and visual artist Teresa Jordan wondered if Franklin’s perhaps antiquated notions of virtue…

17 Vibrant Perennials That Bloom All Summer for a Colorful Garden

Reblooming perennials that bloom all summer, like daylilies, lilacs, and iris, have beautiful colors you can enjoy all season.

15 Family Friendly Breeds For You To Rescue That Prove Not All Cats Are Jerks!

Not all cats are jerks! Some people are what we call "cat people". They love cats and could not imagine their life without them. Unfortunate

Bucket List: The Most Beautiful Amtrak Train Routes in the USA

One experience that belongs on every travel bucket list is a scenic train ride. Avoid the stress of flight security checks or crazy drivers by taking the scenic route. Relax and watch the world with

Dutch Oven Corned Beef and Cabbage (New England Boiled Dinner)

This Dutch Oven Corned Beef and Cabbage recipe is the best method for cooking your St. Patrick’s Day feast. Corned beef brisket is simmered for hours, resulting in fall-apart tender meat that pairs beautifully with the boiled vegetables. Serve with Irish soda bread and horseradish for a comforting meal that celebrates the Irish holiday.

The Ultimate David Bowie Spank Bank

The glamor is almost too much to bear.

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