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50+ Dandelion Recipes: Drinks, Sweets, Soap, Remedies + More!

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Dandelion flowers have many uses! Here are over 50 dandelion recipes for drinks, sweets, savories, bath and body, and remedies.

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Lemon Bars with Sweetened Condensed Milk

In the mood for a fresh, sunshiney treat? Then bake creamy lemon squares! These lemon bars with sweetened condensed milk have a luxuriously velvety texture. They are full of bright citrus flavor for the perfectly tangy delicacy. The recipe comes together with 6 easy ingredients and requires only 20 minutes prep time.

30 Part-Time Night Jobs To Make $5000 a Month –

Do you need part time night jobs? Part-time night jobs are great for more income streams. Here are 30 part time night jobs that pay real good.

Locals Guide to NYC: How to Visit NYC Like a Local – Dana Berez

Locals Guide to NYC Whenever I travel someplace new, I always want to get a sense of how the locals really live. Do New Yorkers really visit the Empire State Building on the weekend? The collective answer would be no. Here is a full locals guide to NYC. New Yorkers are probably not even on

How to respond to a person who acts like a victim | I should have said

We’ve all met the person who plays the victim, they love to waffle on about their woes and how they’ve been mistreated by the world. Victims never accept responsibility for their own actions, even when they were the person who started the drama and continued to stir the pot.

Homemade Shea Butter Lotion

Non-greasy shea butter lotion recipe. Made with natural ingredients that are gentle but also effective for any skin type. Optional: add-in essential oils.

2019 Trend: Houseplants Are Back and Bigger than Ever

I remember looking through my Mammaw’s old Better Homes & Gardens magazines from the ’70s and ’80s and seeing homes like this: And even business lobbies like this: It felt less like…

What filling makes the best hot pack? A comparison of hot pack fillings. – a Little Crispy

So the weather is starting to get cold and it’s time to bring out the hot packs in my house! I have several hot packs in various shapes and sizes for warming me up or soothing sore muscles over the winter. I also love to gift hot/cold packs. It is just something everyone can use! […]

The Best Sugar Cookie Icing Recipe (No Corn Syrup) | Wholefully

This is the best icing recipe for decorating sugar cookies. It’s easy to make, and dries into a nice and smooth finish. Plus, there's an option without corn syrup! (This is our favorite sugar cookie recipe!)

DIY Anleitung – Fensterbank günstig mit Klötzchen verkleiden & verbreitern

DIY Anleitung - innen Fensterbank kostengünstig mit Holz Klötzchen verkleiden und verbreitern! Neue Fensterbank auf alte in wenigen Schritten!

Celebrating Ralph Lauren’s Legacy at the Iconic Double RL Ranch in Colorado

Over the past five decades, Ralph Lauren has built an empire that is the epitome of American design and fashion. In celebration of his influence on global style, ED pays a visit to his Double RL Ranch in Colorado, while the biggest creative names salute his legacy.

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