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5 Stages of Parkinson’s Disease – Sunways Senior Living Concierge

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The Five Stages of Parkinson’s Disease Parkinson’s Disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that currently does not have a cure. This past month, Parkinson’s Awareness Month, we have had the opportunity to witness our community rally to help create awareness around this disease. We are optimistic that one day there will be a cure for […]

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ina garten’s “16 bean” pasta e fagioli

Adapted from a recipe in Cooking for JeffreyHearty and delicious.

I Try Not to Be Angry About the Past

Just diagnosed with ADHD? The next step is to figure out your treatment options — which can be confusing and, at times, overwhelming. Here's how to embrace your diagnosis and move forward with the help you need.

Organic Magnesium Lotion Recipe

Magnesium is amazing. When we're deficient, it shows up in annoying symptoms and even various health problems. The good news is, supplementing is easy, especially when you know how to make the best organic magnesium lotion recipe.

Access to medical and school records

Experiencing a divorce can be incredibly difficult, but you're not alone in facing this challenge. Our tailored Parenting Plan Packages are here to ease the stress of this major life transition, ensuring your family's well-being remains a top priority. Discover the key elements to include in your parenting plan and organize your ideas to discuss with your lawyer. The goal is to be as detailed as possible to reduce return lawyer/mediation/court visits for years to come.

Key Lime Cream Pie

I am very proud of this luscious no-bake beauty. It's so cool and refreshing—perfect for any summer potluck or get-together. Wherever I take this pie, it quickly disappears, and everyone asks for the recipe. —Shirley Rickis, Lady Lake, Florida

69 Forking Hilarious Memes About “The Good Place”

Why is everyone on this show so damn relatable?

Amish Cooking: 8 Easy Side Dish Recipes

You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who could make great side dish recipes like the Amish. We're taking a leaf out of the Amish recipe book with some of our favorite easy side dish recipes for any occasion!

This Is the Number One Anti-Aging Exercise (According to Science)

Scientists have discovered the real fountain of youth: a cardio workout. Believe it or not, cardio can be an anti-aging exercise. Here’s why!

Le style éclectique en décoration – blog déco – Clem ATC

Contrastes, jeux de couleurs, de textures et unions inattendues, voilà ce que l'on retrouve principalement dans le style éclectique.

Chestnut Sweater – 3XL / ballet shoes

Beschreibung Link: zur Anleitung Garnpaket für den Chestnut Sweater von PetiteKnit. Der Sweater hat eine typische Raglan Konstruktion. Du strickst von oben nach unten.  Zuerst wird der obere Teil der Rückseite mit verkürzen Reihen geformt und dann die Schultern in Reihen auf einer Rundstricknadel gestrickt.  Danach wird in Runden nach unten gestrickt und Maschen für die Ärmel aufgenommen.  Der lange Rollkragen wird im Rippenmuster gestrickt.  Dieser Klassiker von Petiteknit bleibt ewig aktuell und wird dich lange begleiten! Und das beste ist: Peer Gynt wird mit dem Tragen immer weicher und schmiegt sich so richtig an, dabei ist es trotzdem total robust und…


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