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42 Relatable Randoms and Funny Memes for Ingestion

by Pinterest

Take a break with these pics, tweets and memes chosen for the most sophisticated connoisseurs of random imagery.

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Life can be tough if you’re named Karen—the internet now associates this name with some women who are entitled and want to speak to everyone’s managers. Keep in mind that the term 'Karen' isn't meant to insult all women; it's used to poke fun at super-entitled problematic people. The Karen meme is the female equivalent of the Kyle meme and you can check out our post about the times that the internet destroyed fragile masculinity right here. Now, we know that most women named Karen out there are probably awesome people in real life, but the name has become a…

Malai Kofta

This Malai Kofta is easy to make and packed with amazing flavor that the whole family will love. Try this for yourself and you know this will be a staple at your house. Even pickiest kids will got a big soft spot on this Malai Kofta restaurant style that tastes so fantastic that no one would ever tell it is naturally vegan. Vegetarian dumplings are covered in creamy tomato sauce.

Ginger Syrup Recipe

This Ginger Syrup Recipe is a great little recipe to have in your back pocket.  Add one to two spoonfuls of ginger syrup to tea, lemonade and water (hot or cold) for an incredible pop of flavor.  It also makes a great base when mixed with sparkling water for homemade ginger ale.

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