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[Infografik] Finde deine Leidenschaft mit diesen 15 Fragen – Mind Hack

15 Fragen, die dich zu deiner Leidenschaft führen können. Warum es gar nicht so schwer ist, seine Leidenschaft zu finden, wie ich früher dachte. Infografik

25 Business Casual Workwear Outfits – Loverly Grey

What better time to refresh your work wardrobe than a new year! Last fall I styled over thirty workwear outfits for teachers. In case you missed it, you can check out that post here. You all loved that post so much that I thought I would bring you 25 business casual workwear outfits for inspiration

The 4 Financial and Estate Documents You Need — and Where to Store Them — Barron’s

Storing financial and health-care documents so that family members or other representatives have prompt access is important not only in the event of a health-care crisis but also when facing a natural disaster, an Internal Revenue Service audit, or applying for a loan.

Calming Caffeine-Free Ashwagandha Cacao Latte

Enjoy a dairy-free cacao calm ashwagandha latte that's here to fight stress. It's made without any added caffeine and is the perfect morning or evening drink

15 handmade gifts to make ahead

Christmas REALLY? Yeah I know its not time yet. So how are we supposed to think about making Christmas gifts ahead . . . in July?? Well recently I walked through Hobby Lobby and they have the Christmas stuff out. It irritated me a bit. It’s summer after all.

How I Store and Manage My Fabric Scraps

Last year, I cleaned out and got rid of most of my fabric stash. (Read about that here). I didn't touch my scraps though. I can't bring myself to get rid of them because someday I'll make a postage stamp quilt or a string quilt or a scrappy something! (Maybe I'll design a quilt meant to use scraps...hmm...) In the ba

Chicory Pumpkin Tiramisu: Let People Enjoy Things (Vegan and GF) — The Wondersmith

This tasty dessert is a celebration of all things fall - pumpkin spice, roasted roots, and of course roasted pumpkin. It’s vegan, gluten-free, and can be made without refined sugar so everyone at the table can enjoy it!

17 Tips to stop being an Impulsive Shopper — Minimize My Mess

Clutter, debt and impulse buys go hand in hand. Read on to find out why you buy, and how to shop intentionally without guilt...

Alaska Cruise Tips, Hacks, Packing List, & Excursions – Ruhls of the Road

Our Alaska Cruise tips and tricks will help make sure you have an unforgettable adventure! We had the time of our LIVES cruising Alaska and YOU WILL TOO!

30 Times When Children Managed To Use The English Language In The Most Creative Ways ; ab Children

Children may be ruthless sometimes and will tell you the truth without sugarcoating it. That is why parents try and teach their little ones that it's not very nice to say some things even if they are true. But when parents forbid their kids from saying certain words, then children turn on their incredibly creative minds and gift the adults with some gems.

How to Knit a Scarf for Total Beginners – Sheep and Stitch

Learn how to knit a scarf in this detailed tutorial. We'll go over the three basic steps of knitting and the supplies you'll need for knitting success!

Route Package Protection – $125.88

Route provides protection for shipments that are lost, broken, or stolen. Add Route to your cart at checkout to enable protection. Visit to learn more.

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