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Plongée au cœur de l’exposition « Christian Dior, couturier du rêve », aux Arts décoratifs de Paris

Avec « Christian Dior, couturier du rêve », ce sont ainsi 70 ans de création et plus de 300 robes couture qui se succèdent, faisant revivre l'histoire de la célèbre maison française.

How to Get Healthy Again After Age 60

Your inner thoughts, beliefs, and habits help determine the condition of your own body. Here are nine methods to get healthy again, even after age 60.

… less perfection-chasing, more self-trust | quotes

I've found that spending some time at the beginning of the week is a hugely impactful investment in my overall success for the week. And it’ll work for you regardless of your particular schedule. The

Cost of Caregiving – FirstLight Home Care

Many of us are caregivers – for our parents, brothers or sisters, or other relatives – and don’t even think about the financial demands it places on us. Maybe

16 Homemade Cinnamon Tea Recipes to Reduce Inflammation

Cinnamon tea is sure to win you over. We’re sharing 16 of our favorite homemade cinnamon tea recipes that will help to reduce inflammation.

Free Crochet Mushroom Pattern

This free Crochet Mushroom Pattern will create a whimsical little friend. There is something irresistable about this amigurumi mushroom!

40+ Hilarious Parenting Memes To Help You Survive Quarantine

Nothing helps cure the quarantine blues like funny parenting memes! We rounded up some of the most popular memes, and they're guaranteed to make you LOL.

Justin Timberlake’s Most Memorable Film & TV Roles | Us Weekly

As he turns 31, look back at his best credits

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