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22 Times Famous Women Called People The Hell Out

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“That’s not the truth, Ellen. You were invited.” -Dakota Johnson, living legend.

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21 Times Kirk Gleason From “Gilmore Girls” Was Too Much To Handle

“I don't know why everybody in this town always thinks I'm crazy.”

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This chunky hat knitting pattern is so fun, easy and PERFECT for complete beginners. It's knit flat and the only time you really have to count is when you're casting on stitches. It also works up very quickly since it's knit on size 15 needles and uses super bulky yarn (here). I made this hat

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Lemon asparagus soup with parmesan is the perfect spring soup -- smooth, light, fresh, and flavourful. It's customizable and can be served hot or cold.


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Every year I'm excited about fermenting up something tasty with raspberries. Raspberry wine, raspberry mead or even a light summery raspberry beer. Just one problem...raspberries are wicked expensive. Do you know how many raspberries it

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Potato dumplings (called Kartoffel Kloesse in Germany) are a delightful addition to any German feast. The browned butter sauce is delectable.—Arline Hofland, Deer Lodge, Montana

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