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20 Top Books of the Past Ten Years | by Leigh Anne Wilkes

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Sharing a fun round up of my 20 Top books of the past 10 years. So many good books!

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Tiramisu in Tortenform – großartiges Kuchenträumchen. Ein Gastbeitrag von Zimtgold

Ihr lieben, seit gestern bin ich zurück aus dem traumhaften Südafrika, welches ich als Karla Kolumna des Magazins LECKER kulinarisch besuchen durfte. Sonne, blauer wolkenloser Himmel, aufregende Landschaft, exzellentes Essen, saftige Pflaumen, Birnen, Äpfel, Feigen, Nektarinen und Pfirsische vom Baum, grillende Zirpen. Jetzt heisst es erst mal Familie knutschen, Koffer auspacken, Gedanken sortieren, mich in

Pet’s budget

Dog Planner for daily basics. Big help for dog parents who struggling to keep in track. Including yearly and montly planner, food-tracker and budget-page. It has 18 page. Please feel free to give me feedback and opinions!

39 Interesting Pics Assembled For Your Entertainment

A gallery of randoms to amuse and confuse.

Clabber Milk – What It Is, Why You Should Eat It, and How To Make It

Learn how to make real clabber milk the old fashioned way. Also learn the science and safety of natural dairy fermentation.

16 Reasons We Love Fitzgerald Grant III

Once you get past the cheating and the murdering, what is there not to love about the beautiful POTUS?

Housing for the Homeless: Where to Stay

There are a number of alternatives housing-insecure families can turn to when looking for somewhere to stay while homeless.

Chunky Crochet Basket Pattern / Ned and Mimi

This chunky crochet basket has a such a unique texture, thanks to the "diagonal chevron" stitch pattern.

Braided Ball Free Knitting Pattern and Video Tutorial

This Braided Ball Free Knitting Pattern and Video Tutorial is a great way to use up your leftover yarns. Make one now with the free pattern provided by the link below.

Nadiya Hussain’s Tandoori Chicken Naan Sandwich

This sandwich will elevate your lunch time, with thick layers of fragrant tandoori chicken, soft naan bread, fresh cabbage slaw, and crunchy poppadoms.

15 Pictures Of “Visible Mending” That Bring Me Pure, Unadulterated Joy

"Check out my fishy floors. It was either this or thousands of dollars to replace the whole floor because they don't make tile like that anymore. I don't know about you, but like this solution better!"

How to Start a Blog and Make it a Thriving Business From Day One

If you want to start a blog, it's more than putting up a website and writing blog posts – if you want success! You need to build the right framework with a solid plan and treat it like a successful business from day one. Get the 4 fool-proof steps to starting your own successful and profitable blog today.

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