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Traditional German Christmas Food

From the birthplace of the Christmas Tree, we bring you German Christmas Foods to brighten the holidays with festive tradition, and heritage. We've compiled the best authentic recipes we could find, both savory and sweet.

How to Unlock Parisian Style – Damsel In Dior

Every time I head to Paris I feel like I need to step up my style game with a few key basics. Parisian girls have the best style and a special knack for keeping things simple. When it comes to unlocking the essentials for killer Parisian style, I've narrowed it down to a few key

Best Of Bedroom Furniture + Accessories | For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome |

We hope you love the items we recommend, and just so you know, Quit Chronic Fatigue may receive a small commission from links in this post. Can You

Hip Bags to Compliment your style

Hip bags can be so much more than pure utility hands-free bags. They lend themselves especially to creative interpretation and as an accessory to compliment a particular look. Here’s some ins…

This extra-special delivery:

Most days it can be a little tough to be a human. Let's make today a little different.

Weiss told BuzzFeed Life that two of the people in the picture — the perfect couple below — are the groom’s grandparents. The other folks are longtime friends of the grandparents.

Justin and Teale Gunter of Teale Photography sent it to the bride and groom, who wish to remain anonymous, as a sneak peek at their wedding.

College Majors with the Highest and Lowest Starting Salaries – Undergrad Success

No matter whether you’re going back to school or just graduating high school, choosing a college major can be a challenge. Not only do you want to choose a job that you enjoy, but you want to make sure it pays well too. We’ve rounded up the top college majors with the highest and lowest […]

What to Do with Sentimental Clutter

I was dealing with how to let go of my kids' art work and decided to do a little research about why we become so attached to our personal sentimental items. Here's what some of the experts say and what decisions I made to deal with all the piles.

How to Make Herb Infused Oils (+FAQS & Tips)

Learn how to make your own herb infused oils in this step by step guide. Use your finished oil to make lotions, creams, salves & more!

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